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Sir Richard Francis Burton’s Arabian Nights

Sir Richard Francis Burton has often been described in his own lifetime as ‘the most interesting figure of the 19th century’. Bold to a fault, Burton travelled to Mecca and  Medina, he entered the forbidden African city of Harrar, explored … Lees verder

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A Typographic Gem by Firmin Didot

Printer’s manuals form an important source of book historical information. The first such manual in any language was Joseph Moxon’s Mechanick Exercises on the Whole Art of Printing (London, 1683-84). Numerous handbooks were to follow over the centuries, and they are … Lees verder

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The Library: A World Encompassed

Why do we collect books? Much ink has been spilled over this question. A well-known attempt at solving the mystery is Muensterberger’s Collecting: An Unruly Passion, a curious study brimming with psychological gobbledygook. According to the author, collecting is nothing … Lees verder

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The Abuse of Words

Many geniuses have lost themselves in a labyrinth of words, while the failure to grasp their true meaning has led to countless theological feuds and needless waste of blood. Lees verder

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From De Bruyn to Pasteur: Early Illustrations of the Kangaroo

Kangaroo /kæŋgəˈru:/, noun. 1. A marsupial mammal of the family Macropodidæ, remarkable for the great development of the hind-quarters and the leaping-power resulting from this. The species are natives of Australia, Tasmania, Papua, and some neighbouring isles; the larger kinds … Lees verder

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Boxing aboard the Resolution

Captain James Cook is hailed as one of the greatest explorers of all times. His discoveries and navigational achievements are numerous and enabled him to virtually redraw the map of the Pacific. During the voyages, however, conditions on board were harsh and … Lees verder

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A boxing kangaroo

The acclaimed British animal painter George Stubs was the first to paint the portrait of the kangaroo. The animal had been sighted in New South Wales by James Cook and his crew during their circumnavigation in the Endeavour. Upon their … Lees verder

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